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How to Plan a Fitcation

October 31, 2017

A great trip starts with a great plan.  Whether you are departing for business or pleasure.  


1. Pinterest board how you want your experience to be.  So many times there are places in a new city or country you never would have thought about.  When I had a business trip to Las Vegas I was thinking casinos and it turned out that there were beautiful hiking trails and much more once I started looking up images on Pinterest.  


2. Pay the extra for a refundable or changeable ticket.  Hey plans change and things happen trust me it's worth it.    


3. Plan activities and tours that match your Pinterest board.  Some of the activities that look expensive or too far away are more possible than you think.     


4. Pack the essentials to do your sporty activity in carry on.  This one may seem obvious but must be said.  Pack light and have sneakers otherwise you'll burn yourself out in the airport before you have any fun in the city.     


5. Look for early morning slots for extreme sport activities.  It will move your day in a positive direction and if you are traveling with others they wouldn't miss you while you're gone because they'll be asleep.  Also, if you are traveling for business this will ensure that you still get your workout and work done.      


6. Don't try to convert non-fitness companions.  Make it an option for them to join, but most of the time I find that they would rather sleep in.  You risk making them feel uncomfortable and looking bossy.  Be happy if they join once out of everything you plan on the the trip which will be a lot for them but will most likely not be enough of a workout for you.    


7. Save tours for friends, family, and work associates.   You can get a great workout just from seeing the sites and reserve activities like these for later in the day as everyone can participate.  


8. Pack easy healthy snacks like Quest Bars, Toasted Almonds, fruit and protein powder.   When traveling in groups you will always find that not everyone wants to eat at the same time and if you are trying to stay fit this will throw you off of your nutritional routine.   These healthy snacks will support your healthy lifestyle even if everyone around you isn't as healthy.   


9.  Be prepared to wake up earlier than everyone else.  Plan time just for yourself in the morning before you give your time to everyone else.  Make the first meeting of your day for you.  This will ensure you get your workout in even if others do not wish to participate.     


10. Share what you want to do ahead of time before traveling with your significant other, or friends.  They may want to join the activities and if they don't want to participate you need to know before you purchase anything.  


For more Travel ideas check out our Youtube vlog here! 

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