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Creating The Best Day of Your Life Every Day!

October 31, 2017

You don't have to be on a  beach vacation to have a great day!  It starts within you.  Try these 10 tips and see your life transform.  

1. Put yourself first in the morning.  This may mean waking up earlier than everyone else, but it's worth it to plan out your day and fill it with what makes you happy first, and then it will make you more able to help others during your day.   

2. Set your day's intention with affirmations They really do work.  So start defining how you want each day to look like and gradually if not immediately.  You will find yourself taking steps to have that day.  If this seems way out of your comfort zone try an Inten Sati class.  

3. Workout daily even if it's for a 15 minute walk.  I have a pretty active job, but some days I'm sitting for hours, so I make sure to put in my steps early.  

4. Present your best self.  When work gets busy or I get stressed I skip steps like cleaning the house, brushing my hair and that will only make you feel worse.  Don't cheat yourself!   

5. Believe in yourself more than anyone else does.  Don't run around hoping others will believe in you. Know that you are worthy in what you are pursuing and that through your work others will come to appreciate you.  No one will believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.  

6. Jump out of the pity party. Talking badly about something that happened, or someone is living in the past and will send you on a downward spiral to nowhere.  So when you hear a group chatting this way lift the conversation up, but the last thing you want to do is to join the pity party.  Sometimes people may start the pity party conversation, but if you give comments, advice or reveal something about yourself that is too personal or that they don't like, they may get defensive about their own situation even though they shared it.  Sometimes people will even judge you for sharing your story.  Not everyone is so self reflective, sometimes what they hate in themselves, they will also dislike in you even though you were only trying to comfort them and show that they aren't alone.  Joining the pity party can have the exact opposite comradery action you were hoping for.  You can still bond with your colleagues by building them up, and letting them know you're there to help.      

7. Gossip about good news, it spreads.  Tell stories that are helpful about you and other people will repeat these stories. It will lead to more positive friendships and jobs to come.  Don't be your own worst enemy and talk negatively about you.     

8. Forgive everyone for everything no exceptions.  You do this for yourself, not for the person you are forgiving.  Although, speaking of yourself, I hope you are willing to forgive you too because so many times we are the last person we grant forgiveness to.  If you forgive everyone except for that one ex of yours who you want dead, you aren't understanding the concept yet. That one person is the lesson and still has too much power over your happiness. What helped me to forgive were the many situations and circumstance I was put in after the relationship ended.  I encountered other woman who wouldn't forgive their ex's only they were much older than me and the experience had aged them and their friends thought of them as crazy.  I was so puzzled by how they could hold onto the past for 20 and 30 years, and I thought wow I don't want to spend the rest of my life thinking about someone else's mistakes.  Then I thought about who came into my life after them and how much better I am for their mistakes. I became grateful that they let me go. When I didn't die from their callousness, I became a girl I didn't recognize, and I loved her even more.      

9. Plan something fun to do each day This can be as extreme as a trip or as simple as having lunch with a friend.  

10. Take out unnecessary tasks.  Once you plan to have a great day everyday you will start to see how many tasks don't really have to all be done by you.  This will give you more time to have the day you always wanted to have.  I use to do any job a friend referred me to, and now I ask more questions to find out if the job is a good fit and if it is economical to do.  After leaning into a few household tasks, I discovered, the cleaners, the pharmacy, the groceries, could all be delivered for free saving me more time.  There were events I use to think couldn't be missed only to discover there were even better opportunities to come.  I had been doing a lot of unnecessary tasks.  


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