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Let Them Eat Cake! Tips From a Model on Eating Anything You Want and Still Staying Slim.

October 31, 2017


Hakasan, Miami!  Flourless chocolate cake with ice cream and yes it is as good as it looks.  


I have to be honest I've never been good at diets even though I constantly have to drop my weight for modeling.  I want to eat what I want to eat, and I'm sure you do too, especially if you're on vacation!  So how the hell can I have my cake, and eat it too?  Are you beyond frustrated?  Here's how my model friends and I get away with it.  


1. Adopt a New Mindset  

Now what does this have to do with eating cake?  I'll get to that. Promise!  Most of you will look at this first tip, and think, fine consider it done, but please keep reading because it's not that simple.  If it was, than you would already be at your dream weight and body.  This is the most difficult of all the steps because it is a daily practice. Pick a person you admire.  How do you think they talk to themselves and think of themselves?  Now start talking to yourself and thinking of yourself that way.  I bet it's hard for you to do.  Do you say positive affirmations to yourself about who you are, or do you say it's too much work and you'll never get there. "Whether you think you can or you think you can't either way you're right"  - Henry Ford  


2. Put New Mindset into Action 

Don't just read this and then order Domino's, although, as tempting as that may be, you would be like the person who goes to church every Sunday, but is back to gossiping, lying, and cheating as soon as the service is over.  Make a plan for change today.  Write down how you are going to accomplish your goals.  Once your mindset changes, you will reach for foods that will fuel you to do more, instead of numb you, and get you high. Do activities that make you feel great about yourself to support this changed perception. Take an affirmation, mediation, or workout class like Inten Sati. Start doing little by little activities that will bring you closer to who you know you are.  It's a daily practice.  Write out what you want to accomplish in the day including what you want to eat.  Now, put your new way of eating into action. It's worth it, if you still have room for cake at the end of the day.      


3. Be Conceited

Embrace being more conceited about your workout and diet, it's not a bad thing, and this is why.  You can not give to others efficiently until you have given to yourself.  Models understand this to an extreme so before a casting we work out, do our hair, nails, and make-up. The routine takes hours which is why we are frequently late and get labeled conceited.  I'm not suggesting being late, but I am suggesting that you do activities that nourish your body in a way that makes you feel proud of yourself when you look in the mirror. You will be of more use to your family and friends if you are a happier healthier person to be around, and you'll have tons of energy to help them with whatever they may need.  So be conceited especially about your workout and diet.  I dare you!   


4.  But don't be Regina George  

Speaking of conceited, Regina George certainly was, everything mattered to her from color matching to what she ate.  Although, you don't have to be a "Mean Girl" and you don't have to make her mistake of following an all carb diet either.  I use to think that fat free meant an instant good option to eat.  Meanwhile my sugars and carbs were out the roof.  I would eat and eat and crash while still feeling just as hungry an hour later.  


5. Serve up the protein and veggies

So what should you eat?  As many proteins and veggies as you want. This will fill you up and curb you carb cravings.  Is it really that simple?  No.  Here's the deal.  In an ideal world eat some eggs, yogurt, or oatmeal, then a salad with a protein, then a protein with some veggies, and finish the day off with a small piece of cake.  This seems simple and easy to follow right?  Wrong!  It isn't that easy.  The truth is that eating this way requires tons of planning because there are so many tempting options around you that look much more exciting when you're hungry.  You have to plan to eat this way and dare to put it into action.     


6. You must workout at least 15 minutes a day or 2 hours per week.  Do any workout as long as you're moving.  It can be as simple as a walk in the park or as extreme as surfing. Check out the weekly global workouts on our YouTube station at the link below.  Many of the activities you can find near you. 


                             Travel Girl World Channel


7. Drink water and lots of it.  Many times you are more thirsty than hungry so drink up. 


8. Pack healthy snacks.  Carrots, toasted almonds, Quest Bars, and your favorite fruit.  Not everyone has good eating habits.  One way models stay thin is to eat healthy snacks often and that means packing them.  


9. Feed yourself better than others feed you. 

When I do indulge in my favorite foods, I go all the way.  I don't go for any chocolate cake, it has to be a dark chocolate souffle.  I have one and it's straight to the point and under 300 calories.  It's so amazing!  I'm bringing this up because chances are the kids party you're going to will not have your favorite dessert and you'll end up eating three times as much of their store bought milk chocolate cake or candy bars just to get even close to the experience you could have created for yourself. 


Fill up before the party, with a full dinner and make it delicious because most party foods will not do it for you. 


You aren't giving anything up, you are adding to your experience especially if they are only serving appetizers. If it's a party where there are tons of foods, but none of it is on your diet, instead of saying "I wish I could have that, but I'm on a diet," you'll be saying.  "wow that pizza looks great, let me taste a bite.  Mmm.  So good, I wish I could eat more, but I'm full."  People will ask oh "what did you eat"  And you can answer "Oh just a T-bone steak with mushroom spinach white wine risotto, and a Tuscan kale salad."  Now they are missing out, and wish they could be eating like you.  Flip the script on the word diet.  Fine, you don't have to rub it in their face that you are eating like a queen, but you don't have to feel sorry for yourself about changing your habits to feel great about the new you either!  


10. Don't eat right before bed time.  I'm bringing this up because many of your favorite foods, including cake you can still have but just don't eat them late at night.  Eating late will keep you up, and throw you off your sleep schedule, making you crave sugars and carbs.  If you eat late at night and fall asleep anyway because you're so tired, the calories you don't use will be stored as fat immediately.  Eating healthy foods late wouldn't save you from this principle. It will get stored too. This habit isn't so easy to change if you're hanging out with friends, or working late. You may find yourself eating at 10pm or even getting invitations to go out to trendy restaurants at late times, so now what?  If it's because you're stuck at the office... you must force yourself to take a break at dinner time.  This is also because if you skip meals you will eat twice as much on the next meal, and this is not helpful either. If the time is up to you for a date, select an earlier reservation.  If it's a social invite you cannot avoid, or that trendy spot is only happening at 10pm then you might as well go to the club after party too because you will need to be up another 4 hours and dance it off, so it doesn't stick to you like white on rice.  No but seriously, do you know how hard it is to recover from eating like this?  Once you change this habit, you wouldn't let yourself eat late very often again because you just wouldn't want to work that hard.  


11. Are you really hungry or are you bored tired and stressed?  This is one of the tricky ones for me because eating for fun is one of my favorite things to do, but it will also make you gain tons of weight.  Now I know I have a problem with bored eating and stress eating, so when I'm in the middle of a binge, I stop myself and switch to a different activity or healthier food.  Many people don't realize that they binge, they just think they're taking a break or watching football with a some chips, but meanwhile they just consumed 2000 calories in one sitting in junk food.  Now that I've called you out on it, there is no hiding.  Do yourself a favor, stop, grab an actual meal and ration those snacks ahead of time.  You can even switch over to some gum, or tea which keeps your mouth busy yet relaxed so you don't feel like you're depriving yourself.  


12. Mindfully only eat your favorite foods aka cake.  The problem isn't the chocolate cake, it's how much you're eating of it.  This is really the case for your fried and carb foods too.  Fill up on your protein and veggies and it will cut your carb, fast foods, and sweet cravings.  Notice I said cut, as in reduce. I didn't say it would kill your cravings for good because you will still want your favorite bad foods. So, take a few bites of them and a taste, but don't make chocolate cake a food group.  It's how you can have your cake and eat it too.  Any food where you know you will not be able to control yourself... don't bring it in the house, have a few bites and then throw it out.  Save yourself from yourself.  I love McDonald's, so guess what?  I get a happy meal and if I get a milkshake I take a few sips and pass it to a friend and if there is no friend there, I'm a friend to myself by throwing out the rest of it.  These "gateway foods" will never fill you up, they will only get you high and leave you wanting to eat more of them.  You must fill up on healthier foods beforehand  and monitor and ration your bad foods by setting calorie limits on how much of them you will intake.  This may sound painful to think about, but not when you are full.  So eat some delicious baked sea bass and veggies, and you'll quickly find the good outweighing the bad. 


If you still need assistance along the way check out our videos on youtube and our blogs each week.  






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