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Water Weight

November 8, 2017


Many hotels have pools and gym affiliates close by for their guests to swim, but everyone gets too busy to actually go.  You can create an instant spa experience for yourself at a pool easily, while getting a workout in. It may already be included with your stay.  Bring some of your favorite essential oils, lotions, and a fluffy robe, and you'll feel like royalty after you get out.  


Swimming is a great way to get a soothing workout in without any harsh impact on your knees and joints.  Now if you aren't traveling, you can still swim at a pool near you. Buy some fun pool accessories like these water weights on Amazon, just click on the picture above, to add some variety to your workout.  


If you have knee or joint sensitivities the pool allows you to run without any impact to them.  As an avid runner I would frequently go to the pool if I got injured during track practice. 


As for getting rid of actual water weight... drink lots of water and avoid salty foods that retain it. Also, the more working out you do the less water weight you will retain.  Water workouts aren't such a bad habit to pick up.  So try it out in your routine because it's guaranteed to help you relax and shed the weight.  If you bring a friend it's an even better experience.


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November 8, 2017

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