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Make My Home A Hotel 10 Easy Steps That Wouldn't Break The Bank

November 16, 2017


Going away to a hotel is fun because they have put care and thought into the experience of each guest, but have you done the same for yourself?


Try these ten easy steps below and you'll find your home having the vibe of your favorite hotel.  It might not be as expensive as you may think.


1. Order the Hotel Soap Ordering your favorite gels and lotions online has never been so easy.  

2. Keep your bed spreads light Most hotels use light colored spreads and you can too.  

3. Copy their comfort.  You can easily order robes, slippers and even the mattress bringing all of their comforts home. 

4. Pinterest Boards Are Your Best Friend.  So start pinning your favorite hotels, and the activities you loved during your stay. Even pin the people and restaurants you loved too.  If you don't travel a ton, yet... use some of our ideas from the board for your home.  Pinterest can essentially help you create a mobile vision board. This activity is helpful because you will start to select a style for your home and look for individual items in the picture that collectively make-up the special experience the hotel created for you.  Many of us wait to go on a vacation, in order to hang out with the people we love and meet new friends.  We never try them in our own town.  The hotel asks you, if you enjoyed your stay, and all of the activities they suggested.  Do you do the same for yourself, and if you don't, what are you waiting for?  

5. Create Don't Steal It's Cheaper in the Long Run  When you don't have a vision at first glance it seems cheaper to buy from various stores.  If you see something you like or it's on sale, and it fits with your place, you buy it.  Some of your favorite furniture stores have rooms of ideas, all you have to do is save up enough to buy the items right?  Wrong. Create your vision first and use other peoples' designs as inspiration.  Seeing what someone else has slaved hours on, will always grab your attention and leave you wanting it too.  Before you leap to buy, first compare the picture of the store's layout with your hotel layout. Are they the same?  Is there something that would make the room even better if you added it to your home?  You'll find yourself loving the pieces you select from your favorite stores and not needing to swap the pieces all over again each time the store wants to move more product.  When you steal someone else's vision you are really robbing yourself of a grander personalized vision of your own that could be even better than your favorite hotel.  After all, your favorite hotel created something you liked better than your own place without even meeting you.  I'm not going to lie, the hotel's forty-thousand dollar chandelier is out of my budget, as are a lot of their personalized items.  However, I'm willing to bet that your place, like my place, isn't the same size of a hotel, so you will not have to buy one.  It's smaller equivalent or designer knock off will do just fine without breaking your budget.  

6. Draw a Picture of Where You Want All the Items You Pinned in Your Home.  Move them around in your mind and on the page and see if they still fit.  Every detail down to the curtains and color of paint.  What you liked in the hotel may not work for your space and something may jump out to you that you love even more.  

7. Look Up the Prices Online of Those Things and Then Find Their Cheaper Alternative.  Some hotel pieces are custom and cheap for the hotel to buy when they order in bulk but not for you to buy individually.  All is not lost! With the help of Amazon and the rest of the internet.  There are so many great finds that you're wallet is going to love and you will not have to compromise on style.  Actually, the most expensive part will be the amount of time you will need to give on researching and placing each piece.  

8. One Room at a Time Many designers get paid per room because each one takes a considerable amount of planning, so don't stress out trying to do it all at once.  A professional wouldn't stress themselves out that way, and you shouldn't either. Most of my hotel rooms have just been one beautifully decorated room.  I would start there and expand on that theme.  The next room I would work on would be the entrance because it's the first thing people see when they walk in.  Once you have a formula down for one dream room it will be easy to recreate it with a few minor tweaks for the second and subsequent rooms.  You're in luck if you have a studio because that's as close to hotel living as it gets!    

9. Declutter and Purge  Did you buy that item or did a cousin who didn't know you hate the color orange buy it for you?  Are those even your shoes, or do you have a partner or child with more clutter than even you?  Less is more in a hotel room, so if you want your place to look like one consider selling or donating the items you haven't used in the last three years.  Items you're not sure about getting rid of, put away from your everyday items in clearly marked containers in your basement or storage closet. Make sure to set your calendar to reassess a year later.  When I didn't properly store, label and reassess, my storage closet would get so packed I would end up rebuying items I use to have or still had.  Escaping a cluttered life is one of the reasons we love staying at a hotel.  There is no clutter, you just come and have a great experience.  It takes time to declutter, but it's worth it to feel at peace everyday, and not just when you're on vacation.  

10. The Experts Still Need Your Vision!  If you can afford to hire an expert, do it because they'll get the job done faster while you're at work.  If you can't afford it, guess what?  You would still need to do all of the steps we laid out before an expert could even think about helping you!  After you do all of the steps, you must evaluate and layout what you can do, what a friend can do and what you just have no business doing.  For example, I decorated my own apartment, but hired someone to install two ceiling lights.  I have no business hanging lights because I don't know how, and it's safer to get help.  Everyone has those few things they've got no business doing, Create your vision and welcome help from the expert you need to finish it.  

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