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Television Stretches For Couch Potatoes Who Would Rather Not Stretch At All

November 16, 2017

Here are some easy stretches you can do on your sofa or in front of it.  A little goes a long way. 

Smell your armpit.  Hey you should do that anyway at the end of the day just to check but now just hold the pose a little longer and kick a leg out.  

Give yourself a neck massage and hold to each side or do it for a friend while you watch Netflix! 

 Make getting off of the floor or sofa dramatic.  


Stretch the inner thighs moving from side to side and moving them more apart as your body will allow.  

If you fall asleep in between shows once you get up, look for the remote to the left and then look for it to the right.  

Pull on the sofa to stretch out those calf muscles and not miss a scene.   

As you pass the remote hold and then the other side too.  

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